Jelly Fuzz – Sea Foam Green (Discontinued)


The Jelly Fuzz by Depth Pedals is an extremely responsive high gain, true bypass, silicon fuzz.

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The Jelly Fuzz by Depth Pedals is an extremely responsive high gain, true bypass, silicon fuzz.  The circuit includes a very versatile and dynamic tone control section allowing you to push the mid ranges while at the same time giving you the ability to balance the amount of treble and bass.  Roll the volume back and push the mid’s through with the tone knob while adding treble frequencies, or cut them by pushing the volume, countering the tone knob and adding more bass.  Simply put, the tone knob is not just your standard treble-bass control, it works the mid range tones at the same time.

Go from very fuzzy, to beyond very fuzzy. The amount of fuzz attack you get is fed by a high quality transistor with the option of including a trim pot, accessed from the inside of the pedal to adjust the bias if you really want to dial in that perfect growl.  It already sounds top notch without the trim pot but it’s definitely a welcomed add-on for those who want that extra 5% of user tweak-able control.

A deep switch has been included to alternate between two capacitors at the front of the circuit; allowing more low end to be fed through the veins when flipped on.  The switch allows the Jelly Fuzz to sound good through any amp without worry if your set up naturally has too much bass or treble for the effects’ full potential.  The switch has been purposely placed on the right side of the enclosure so that you can activate it with the toe of your foot in a live performance setting.  I personally use the deep switch for leads and solos, and kick it off if I’m playing chords.

Wired for true bypass with the input grounded, your signal chain tone will be untouched when the effect is off.  No popping sounds when the pedal is switched on and no annoying self-oscillation squealing when it’s turned off. Powered by 9v adaptor with the option of adding a battery snap.

* Based on the mid 1960’s Tone Bender

*DC power jack included.

*Battery snap not included.  Add battery snap to cart separately.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4.67 × 3.68 × 2.25 in
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