Lizard’s Mouth


The Lizard’s Mouth is a low-med gain overdrive and clean boost, while also capable of reaching into  fuzz territory.  Soft switching.

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The Lizard’s Mouth is predominantly a low-med gain drive and clean boost with the ability to get into harsh fuzz territory when you have all the knobs cranked.

HI – The guitarist/synth setting.  The circuit follows it’s original and intended path.

LO – The bass player setting.  High frequencies rolled off with a slight boost to mids and lows.

1 – Symmetrical clipping.  The clipping waveform is even and equal on both sides, providing an evenly smooth overdrive/mild distortion.

2 – 2dB diode boost. Recommended to be used when using the pedal as a clean boost, with the gain turned down.

3 – Asymmetrical clipping.  The clipping waveform is uneven, providing slightly harsher overdrive tones, and a tad of volume compared to symmetrical.

True Bypass.

Soft switching!

9v DC.

Have fun!


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