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The Visitor Boost is a modified Echoplex pre-amp circuit with a few extra features.

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The Visitor Boost is an absolutely beautiful way to lightly color your tone.  The effect is subtle and it really excels at filling in all the empty space the same way as an EQ effect would.  We made this pedal so that instead of having to deal with five or six EQ sliders or knobs you can get that amazing full sound with just one knob.  You can use it as an always-on automatic EQ effect, or as a volume boost for those lead lines.  Oh and it also has an adjustable volume meter, lets be honest though, not very useful unless you’re trying to troubleshoot tone loss, but it definitely looks cool! You can adjust it’s sensitivity with the internal trimpot, and you can turn it all the way off if you want.

The circuit is based off the Echoplex preamp design that we all know and love.  We included a toggle switch to cut the volume knob out of the circuit and provide the pure tone of the circuit with a high volume boost; useful for an always-on option.  We also added a tone switch, similar to the fat switch on the Jelly Fuzz, letting you add a little more low end if you need.  This switch is very useful dependent on what kind pickups you’re playing with.  Single coils and you may want the low end boost, humbuckers and you may not need it.  There is a slight volume increase if you have the low end engaged, so keep that in mind when adjusting the volume knob as you switch the toggle.


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